Barmulloch Community Development Company

Registered in Scotland in 2005 Company Number SC286657 Scottish Charity Number SC036648

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2016 Diary
Board Meeting (112)
Thu 12th Jan '17
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (111)
Thu 9th Nov '16
6.30pm to 8pm
10th AGM
Wed 26th Oct 16 at 7pm
Board Meeting (110)
Thu 13th Oct '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (109)
Thu 8th Sep '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (108)
Thu 11th Aug '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Our Great Start
Fri 5th Aug '16
12noon to 2pm
Board Meeting (107)
Thu 9th Jun '16
6.30pm to 8pm
C in the Park 2016
Sat 4th Jun '16
12noon to 3pm
Men's Club Meeting
Wed 1st Jun '16
2pm to 3pm
Clean Up Day
Sat 21st May '16
10am to 12noon
Butterfly Workshop
Fri 20th May 2016
10am to 3pm
Board Meeting (106)
Thu 12th May '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (105)
Thu 14th Apr '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (104)
Thu 10th Mar '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (103)
Thu 11th Feb '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Board Meeting (102)
Thu 14th Jan '16
6.30pm to 8pm
Who is BCDC?
  • BCDC was set up in 2005 to help deliver projects set up in the Barmulloch Community Futures document, we have recently completed the 3rd of these documents.
  • We are a registered company and charity.
  • Our main aim as a company is to engage the community and involve them in decision making and to continue to strengthen and build community capacity. It is also important that we engage with new residents as well as old and make sure all residents have a chance to participate in local organisations and activities as well as feeding their views into the housing and regeneration work as it progresses.
About Barmulloch - Our Vision for the Future

Barmulloch and its place in Glasgow

Barmulloch (Barr a' Mhullaich in Gaelic) at the northern edge of Glasgow is a housing estate built in the 1950s on former farmland. The residents have a strong sense of local identity and we are very proud to have a local nature reserve in Robroyston Park on our boundary.

Some key Statistics

  • Population just over 4,000 in 1,750 households
  • High percentage of children under 15 and people over pension age compared to Glasgow and Scotland
  • Lower proportion of people of working age than Glasgow and Scotland
  • 60% of households in social rented accommodation and 34% owner occupied
  • Twice the city average and three times the national average of lone parent households with dependant children
  • High levels of long term ill health (29%) compared to Glasgow (26%) and Scotland (20%)
  • Low levels of part time employment, full time employment and self employment and high levels of carers
  • Lower percentage of people with qualifications in education and training than for Glasgow or Scotland

The kind of place we want Barmulloch to be

  • A place with first class community facilities and activities for people of all ages
  • A place with good connections - to services, shops and jobs
  • A place where long term residents and newcomers alike can lead healthy lives in decent homes
  • A place where people feel safe in our pleasant streets and well used attractive outdoor spaces
  • A place that retains and develops its strong community identity but which looks outward to work with our neighbouring communities

Barmulloch and Surrounding Area Photographs


Welfare Advice
BCDC Advice / Hope Initiative
Premises/Whats On
Barmulloch Residents Centre, 54 Quarrywood Road, G21 3ET
Former Church Hall,
15 Quarrywood Ave,
G21 3BA
Broomfield Road Centre, 567 Broomfield Rd,
G21 3HW
Hope House,
567 Broomfield Rd,
G21 3HW

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Friends of Robroyston Park
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