Barmulloch Community Development Company
serving the Glasgow Ward 17 Boundary



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BCDC Press Release Covid19 Community Response

When the lockdown measures came into place, staff knew they needed to act quickly to ensure community members were informed and had the extra support they needed to thrive under these new circumstances.

A significant proportion of the neighbourhoods in Ward 17 are socially and economically disadvantaged according to the Scottish Multiple Layers of Deprivation Index. BCDC knows that our community members are talented, resourceful and have an amazing amount to contribute to society. However, during an extreme situation like this, we knew there were people and families who were going to struggle. Our first thought was, how can we be a lifeline for them? We are close to our communities and they trust us to help them. That’s when we decided to set up the Coronavirus Emergency Assistance Service. Jacqueline Stewart, General Manager, BCDC. read more


About BCDC

Barmulloch Community Development Company (BCDC) was set up in 2005 as a registered company and charity to help deliver projects set out in the Community Futures document. Our main aim is to strengthen and build community capacity and engage and involve the community in decision making in line with our Memorandum and Articles of Association which sets out rules for its volunteers to follow on membership, recruitment, appointment of Directors and office bearers, Board meetings and Annual General Meeting. In addition, BCDC also has a Code of Conduct for all board members and a Governance Officer whose duty is to ensure the Company and its Directors act in accordance with legal requirements and in the interests of the community it represents.

Barmulloch Residents Centre
(Head Office)
54 Quarrywood Road, G21 3ET


Recreation Hall
(Former Church Hall)
15 Quarrywood Avenue, G21 3BA


Broomfield Road Centre
(including Hope House)
567 Broomfield Road, G21 3HW


General Manager - Jacqueline Stewart
Business Growth Officer - Sarah Case
Development Officer - Jim Hope
Resource Assistant - Clare Carmichael
Cleaner/Janitor - Angela Smith


June Connolly - Chairperson/Convenor
Ruth Hewitt - Treasurer
Rosemary Fox
Lindsay McGibbon
Catherine Carmichael
David McMahon
Patricia Craig

Bernadette Hewitt - Vice Chair/Vice Convenor
Christine McBain - Admin Secretary
Marion Dunn
Stewart Cameron Ward
Anne Kelly
Carole Phillip
Helen McMillan


Registered in Scotland in 2005 Company Number SC286657 Scottish Charity Number SC036648


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