Community Development

BCDC is a community development trust. But what does community development mean?

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Better for Everyone

Community development is when people come together who want to make where they live better for everyone. BCDC came together to support communities in Ward 17, to offer important services and provide much needed premises.

Community development means speaking with people you know, and deciding what you want to change, and how you’d like to change it. 

Communities can be your neighbours, people with similar interests or similar identities. Ward 17 is home to diverse groups, from different backgrounds, who all live side by side.

BCDC believes community development is about…

  • Equality
  • Empowerment
  • Co-operation
  • Learning Together

Learn More

Would you like to learn more? Read about our values here.

Ward 17 can be a challenging place to live for some people, but our communities are talented, strong, and vibrant. We believe there is tonnes of untapped potential.

Do you think that you have something to offer your community? An idea, or something you’d like to do, or change? Let us know, here.

Community development can help people who are having a hard time. Maybe they can’t access the right services, or they’re struggling with their health, employment or housing.

BCDC can support local residents by signposting them to services either ran by us, or other great organisations. See what’s on here or contact us here.

It’s all about having your say, speaking up and saying what your community wants and needs.


The most important asset in any Community is its people. People form communities, engage and help others, influence all around them, strive to improve the environment, encourage ambition, exhibit creativity and productivity etc.

BCDC recognise these and many other talents held by local people, who often don’t realise their worth or their potential.

BCDC’s aim is make everyone aware they have something to offer, to inspire and empower them to maximise their abilities- all for self-development and community benefit.


We also support, and benefit, from association with local groups such as

Tron St. Mary’s Church, Beatroute Arts, Oasis at Wallacewell, Wallacwell Community Fellowship, Glasgow Life, Glasgow North Baby Food Bank, Glasgow Housing Association, Glasgow City Council, Toonspeak, Achieve More Scotland, Greater Springburn Credit Union, Early Years Scotland, Young Movers, All Saints Secondary School, Balornock Barmulloch Initiative (BBI), Local Community Councils and many more.

    Get Engaged

    BCDC engages with people on a wide front, some examples as follows;

    • Organise an Annual Gala Day, “C-in-the-Park” 
    • Award an Annual Pupil Prize to All Saints School for Community Service
    • Represent the Community on the Local Housing Committee
    • Arranged the installation of the Multi Use Games Arena in Robroyston Park
    • Responsible for featured entrances and Childrens Play area in the Park
    • Help to organise Christmas Tree switch on with a collective group - Balornock Barmulloch Inititave (BBI)
    • Arranged litter picks
    • Organised emergency COVID-19 responses in the form of foodshares, financial assistance payments and support for smaller local groups
    • Offer 27 different activities and services in our premises

    Together, we can make Ward 17 a happier, healthier community. Let us know, by clicking here, what you’d like to see change.

    Glasgow North Baby Food Bank

    Multi Use Games Arena-Robroyston Park

     Community Fundraising Event