About Us

BCDC is a Registered Charity SC036648. Founded in 2005, we provide sharp end development services to support communities across electoral Ward 17 in North East Glasgow. We do this by providing a variety of programmes, activities and services through our centres. We have a reputation for devising and spearheading innovative projects. Our aim is to work in partnership with local, regional and national bodies to regenerate our communities.

BCDC's Main Office is based in the award-winning Barmulloch Residents Centre, which together with two other premises regularly records a weekly footfall of over 1,000 persons engaging in 27 different activities.

Barmulloch Residents Centre,
54 Quarrywood Road,
G21 3ET

Broomfield Road Centre,
567 Broomfield Road,
G21 3HW

Recreation Hall,
15 Quarrywood Avenue
G21 3BA


BCDC works to engage, empower and represent community members and community organisations in Balornock, Barmulloch, Millerston, Robroyston, and Springburn. Statistics suggest residents in some areas struggle with issues that affect the quality of their lives. Through our long association with the area we are aware it is home to resilient and talented people and resourceful groups. We want to work with them to make positive, life enhancing changes and create greater pride in their local area.

Our Mission

To enable communities and organisations in Ward 17 and surrounding areas, to improve social, well-being and economic standards

Our Vision

Communities across Ward 17 are empowered and mobilised, enacting change to meet the needs of local people for the betterment of their lifestyles, environment, opportunities and outcomes

Our Values

Making everyone feel a part of the BCDC family

Developing creativity and ambition

Promoting community engagement

Empowering and representing community members

Learning together to make positive change

Using a community led approach for planning and decision making

Building pride of place in the local environment


Our History

Originally built as a post-war housing estate in the 1950s, Barmulloch in North East Glasgow had high levels of employment, mainly due to a strong local manufacturing base. Over time, industry declined and many world renowned companies closed. Barmulloch and the surrounding areas suffered an economic downturn. Increasing unemployment and associated social issues led to Barmulloch reaching the top 5% of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation.

Barmulloch Farm

Barmulloch Farm 1900

Barmulloch Tenants Hall 2013

Barmulloch Residents Centre 2017

Our Beginnings

In 1957 local residents found themselves in a new estate with no social facilities. With their own hands, they erected and fitted out a Tenants Hall at Quarrywood Road and formed Barmulloch Tenants and Residents Association (BTRA). A much loved and used facility it became unfit for use and in 2004 the Board of BTRA decided to form Barmulloch Community Development Company (BCDC) to provide a wider range of community services.

In 2005, BCDC became a Registered Charity and was incorporated at Companies House. The new Board continued their strong sense of community responsibility shown by their predecessors.

Our Success

The success of BCDC, particularly through the completion of the Barmulloch Residents Centre and purchasing two redundant churches, has resulted in requests to support other organisations looking to complete similar projects.

The Company has been responsible for many other community services. - It was responsible for the installation of the Multi-Use Games Arena (MUGA), featured entrances and Childrens Playpark in Robroyston Park.

We believe our success is due to our experience in social and economic development and our inclusive brand and corporate identity.